Cancer is one of the most common diseases. Prognosis for those who have been stricken with cancer varies a lot depending of the type of cancer. Cancer is most common in elderly people since the development of a cancerous tomour from a mutated cell often extends over a period of 20-25 years. Over two thirds are over 65 years of age when diagnosed. Generally the prognosis is better when diagnosed in an early stage.

What causes cancer?

It takes a mutation, or more often several mutations, for a healthy cell to transform into a cancer-cell.  These mutations are usually caused by external factors such as tobacco smoking, radiation, air pollution, harmful working conditions, chemicals and poor diet. When the cell has become a cancer-cell it can give rise to more cells and the cancer growth is a fact.

Conventional treatment of cancer

The most common treatments for cancer are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy although methods as hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and transplants are also used. The side effects of these methods are often severe and often lead to lifelong problems. Loss of appetite, unintentional weightloss, radiation damages and weakened immune system, are some of the most common side effects.

Treating cancer at Santa Monica

Santa Monica Europe started in 1989 in Poland as a copy of Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico, which is one of the largest holistic hospitals in the world. Thousands of patients have been treated at Santa Monica since the opening in Mexico 1987. Patients in a difficult situation when for example diagnosed with cancer and often with no other treatment options. Although not everyone has been helped, many have experienced positive results. Santa Monica is by many considered to be a good complement to the conventional treatments. Santa Monica in Falköping, Sweden, offers cancer patients rehabilitation to increase life quality, decrease side effects of the conventional treatments they have undergone and to strengthen the body.