Facial Reflexology

Face reflexology is a unique combination that unites traditional healing methods from the Orient and South America with the modern science of neurology.

Your face is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels. Its close proximity to the brain - the control centre of the body - ensures that stimulus to your face has the shortest route to this important organ of your body, in order to effect a re-balancing of your health issues.

Face Reflexology is deeply relaxing. Daily use of your face to laugh, chew, talk, grimace, frown, express and suppress emotion, all result in an accumulation of facial muscle tension that the deep releasing strokes of face reflexology will steadily dissipate - achieving a corresponding improvement in your health.
As a complementary therapy, face reflexology is addressing all aspects of an individual: emotional, physical and mental. Therefore any imbalance of the body can benefit from Face Reflexology.