Inflammation and pain

Pain - a common symptom

Pain and inflammation are two of the most common reasons why people consult a doctor. When the body is in injured in some way, pain works as a signal that something is wrong. In what way and how strongly we experience pain is individual. The number of people living with chronic pain is huge, with a broad variation of diagnoses. Rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, fibromyalgia, pain of the neck, shoulders and back and migraine are some of the most common pain conditions.

A help along the way might be to investigate possible underlying causes, such as heavy metal poisoning/allergy, allergies and food intolerances. Headaches are for example often linked to food allergies and more. We have access to the lab, both in Sweden and abroad and can do several different analyzes.

Orthodox treatment of pain and inflammation

Paracetamol is used to reduce fever and pain and is sold over the counter, which by no means is a guarantee that it is safe to use. The overuse of paracetamol-containing drugs is one of the major causes of liver poisoning. Opioides are a group of substances that are often used for their muscle-relaxing and pain-reducing effects. They are unfortunately also habit-forming and may cause serious problems. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are used frequently by patients with pain, but it appears that they don´t shorten the time of healing compared to a placebo. Unfortunately, the use of NSAID can increase the risk of kidney disease, heart failure, intestinal bleeding, miscarriage and fetal damage.

Another common treatment for pain are corticosteroids, which unfortunately also increase risk for osteoporosis, fractures and infections, decrease the ability to heal wounds, cause depression and can influence the production of adrenal gland hormones.


Long lasting conditions of pain often worsen the capacity of work and the social ability. It is therefore of outmost importance to make an effective rehabilitation plan as soon as possible. To fully diagnose the cause of the pain is an important step towards a successful treatment.

Pain relief at Santa Monica

Since several factors can cause pain, it is important to use a broad range of treatments. It is often a combination or a supporting complement that makes the treatment effective. The treatment at Santa Monica includes an extensive protocol where detoxification, improved circulation, nutrition and inflammation-decreasing supplements are the foundation. The treatment protocol includes infrared light therapy, laser, light therapy, magnet therapy, massage, personal coaching, oxygen therapies and nutritional supplements and is always individually adjusted to every patient’s needs.

We also do labwork to investigate possible underlying causes, such as heavy metal poisoning, allergies and food intolerances.

Pain - a common symptom
Pain relief at Santa Monica