Food and beverages

The food - both wholesome and tasty!

The food is an important part of the treatment and we therefore look at it as our mission to serve food that is as wholesome as it is tasty.

The importance of nourishing food for optimal health leads us in our choice of products and that is why we choose organic foods, as far as possible. The meals are composed to provide our guests with the necessary energy and nutrients. The meals in our bright dining room will give you something to look forward to culinary as well as socially. We serve breakfast, main meal and evening meal and the menu offers a variation of vegetarian dishes, as well as poultry and fish. We put a great effort to inspire and educate our guests to help them make long-lasting changes in lifestyle, which are necessary for good health.

Water - necessary for life

Our body consists of water up to 70% and we lose several litres a day. The processes of life going on in the cells of the body are affected of what we drink. It is therefore extremely important to provide your body with clean water with a high level of oxygen. This water cannot be compensated for by other beverages. All water for cooking, drinking as well as shower and bath at Santa Monica is filtered. After filtration it passes through a plus & minus whirl-machine and through a MWE water activator.

The water is filtered since regular tap water contains some amounts of heavy metals and chemicals, as for example chlorine. It also passes through long straight pipes and loses a big part of its vitality. In the nature it moves forward in different oxygenating and life-giving spiral motions. The lack of these motions is the reason for us to use a plus & minus whirl-machine, which increases oxygen content, energy and di-polarity of the water.