Welcome to Santa Monica!

Santa Monica is the name of our holistic treatment center in Falköping, Sweden. We use complementary and alternative medicin to support your health. Our medical doctor uses primarily ayruveda, homeopathy and naturopathy to help you to bring your system into balance.
Our philosophy is based on the concept that the body itself has resources to detoxify itself and to restore to health from damages and harmful microorganisms. In some situations, though, the body needs support in that process and we offer that support by various treatments.
We have detoxifying programs, oxygen treatments, fever treatment, help with stress, pain and other sympotoms. We also offer bloodanalysis, foodintolerans testing, metalinduced allergy test, fekalanalysis and more.

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Treatments & tests

We do a thorough medical history at the consultation and offer tests such as blood analysis, food intolerance testing, heavy metal analyzes ect.. You can have a single consultation or treatment, or we will customize a treatment protokoll for you in 1-12 days, when you can stay and eat well while you are being well looked after by our staff. 
We offer you invigorating treatments, massage, detox treatment, coaching, nutrition advice, bath therapy, stress management, exercise without load, infrared sauna, Ayurveda, Qi Gong, etc.. 
We also have a wide range of dietary supplements and herbal remedies, as well as water purifier, far infrared sauna, and other products that can support your healing process. 
Our treatment periods, when we can offer food, accommodation and intensive programs, you will find under "contact us". Other weeks, it is open for consultation and individual treatments.

Healthy lifestyle & holistic approach

Our lifestyle is a major causative factor for many of the diseases we are today at risk of such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, joint pain, prostate problems , stomach and intestinal discomfort , pain and exhaustion.

Therefore, lifestyle changes is a foundation of all treatment , but often it's not enough, we need to combine with treatments and supplements to help the body's healing ability .
We believe it is important to see the whole person in treatment, not only to the part of the body that have symptoms. We look for physical problems, mental health and soul. Among others, we look at diet, exercise, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, allergies / intolerances, environmental and stress factors. All this is part of what is called holistic treatment .
Our therapies is designed to stimulate the body's natural healing process and guide each patient to relaxation / stimulation and healthier way of life. Alternative and complementary medicine plays an important role to enhance the efficacy of standard treatments as well as to stimulate and rebuild the body's own healing ability .

Supplementations & other products

We offer a wide range of dietary supplements and herbal remedies. To order supplements, just call us to find out more. If tou want to buy herbal remedies, you do normally hear with our doctor first. Please let us know if you want to know what we have and what may suit you.   
We are sure that all our preparations are of high standard and is used preferably with doctor's advice. To learn more about our products please contact us. 
We also sell portable far infrared saunas, water purifier, shower cleaner and more. Contact us for more information.